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This is the question that we are helping millions of people answer. TheLifehack is a place where you can find answers to all the questions in your life and hacks to make your life easier and better. Answers and lifehacks that you can actually act on to make a change and get better results. 

We do this by getting experienced writers, experts and professionals to give their best lifehacks in the simplest form for your benefit which can in turn be transformed into actionable possibilities.


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About Kyra Taylor

Kyra Taylor is the Founder and CEO of TheLifehack, which she started in 2019 as a way to get professionals, experts and other experienced writers to share productivity tips and hacks from their experiences and knowledge to make life easier.



Kyra began as a lifestyle blogger, freelancer and guest writer before deciding to create a platform and community for other freelancers and guest writers to share their insights and Lifehacks.


CEO of TheLifeHack


Since then, Kyra has been working to link up productivity experts and writers with readers and audiences in need of these invaluable knowledge. TheLifeHack is now a hub for great ideas and awesome Lifehacks.

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