What Is An IP Address? What Is My IP Address?

 In a list by Mondovo, “what is my ip”? Ranks top of 1000 most searched questions on Google’s search engine. This goes to show that a lot of internet users want to know more about what an IP is as well as what an IP address is.

IP means “Internet Protocol” and the “Address” refers to a string of unique numbers linked to all internet activities you and every other internet users carry out online.

It is like a stamp, personal signature, or a return address which you send out whenever you carry out an internet activity. Some would say it is your passport to the internet.

That, my people, is the meaning of IP address. If you are satisfied with my explanation, you can head on over to our homepage and check out other interesting topics that answer more questions.

I should end this lecture here but for the sake of extensive understanding and covering all other IP related questions you might have, let me cover a few more bases.

I know information technology explanations and terminologies can sound like a bunch of boring gibberish because usually, we are okay leaving all that IT stuff to the IT guy at work or that geeky friend that knows all the techy stuff…

But still, we are in the internet ages, and there is hardly a day that goes by that we do not use the internet one way or the other via phones, laptop, computer, etc. And every single time you log on online to do something, your IP address is right there, leaving your imprints like dirty feet on a white Persian rug and ensuring you get the information you seek.

 So, I will try to explain the basics in a language we can all understand and feel smarter.

You are Online! Connected!

Your phone, laptop, or computer is connected to the Internet, one way or the other. This connection could be through your Internet Service Provider (ISP), wifi at work, or some other means. So too billions of other internet users all over the world are connected.

You are chatting with your friend Karen, you have sent an email to Josh, and you are browsing through Amazon looking for great deals to shop. To be able to carry out these activities on the internet, Your IP plays a vital role – it is your IP address that ensures they get to their destination and it also ensures that responses and information come back to you.


“It’s a network address for your device, so the Internet knows where to send you data, information, and emails.”

The Internet Protocols or Rules

To connect to the Internet, and swap information and data back and forth, computers are programmed to follow specific networking protocols or rules, if you may.  It is one of these networking protocols, called the IP (internet protocol) that is saddled with the responsibility of addressing, delivering, and routing your online requests precisely. This it does by attaching an “electronic return address” to all your online activities and requests. The address it attaches is the IP address for your connection.

Which brings me to our next point

IS My IP Address Permanent?

NO! Do not get attached.

Your IP address changes every time and place.

Usually, an IP address is assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider through which they route your Internet activity back to you, using your assigned IP address but this assigned address is not permanent as it can change when your modem or router is turned on and off.

You use a different IP address when you move, travel, connect to wifi, or go on vacation because you are using various networks to connect to the internet. You don’t have to worry though, its one of the magic of technology.

In conclusion, thanks to IP addresses, we can send and retrieve data and emails over our Internet connections, conduct Google searches, and visit website visits with ease.

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