11 Useful Tips When Planning Your Wedding.

Planning your wedding can be a fun affair when you are only thinking about it but faced with the task and putting efforts into every detail to make your day perfect you realize that you are absolutely not trained or prepared for this. However, there are things and important advice you should know to prepare you and help your day be a fairy-tale like you always dreamed. Checkout our indispensable planning tips below.
1. Classify Your Budget
Start planning by listing out important details, like the food, venue, flowers, photographer, music, your wedding gown and the amount you intend to spend on each item according to the budget you have set out for your wedding — write them in the order of importance so you can cut costs with the ones least important when the need arises.
2. The Guest List & Venue Determination
Make calculations on the number of guests you will invite or that are already invited. It is alright to approximate if you cannot be exact. The number of guests will determine the size of the venue and ensure enough space for guests and crew, putting into consideration the band, waiters, tables and dance floor.
3. Investigate Dates
Investigate your wedding date ahead of time to make sure it doesn’t fall on the same day as a public holiday, conference, curfew, charity walk, or other local events that could affect hotel availability and traffic.

4. The Weather & Venue Determination
Take precautions about the weather and other potential circumstances which may arise. Guests could be uncomfortable due to heavy rain or they might leave early due to a hot venue so put all these into consideration when choosing a venue. Whether it is a sunset ceremony, winter loft or summer tent choose a venue that would ensure comfort for guests and is appropriate for the weather.
5. Wedding Reward Programs
Sign up for reward, deals and programs on credit cards and take advantage of bonuses given to wedding related purchases such as shopping deals, airline miles and even honeymoon bonus. If you have to make reservations for out of town guests you can search for hotels who offer discounts for wedding bookings.
6. Make Meal and Drinks Plan
Choose the meals to be served your vendors, and the meals to be served to the guests. Let the wedding caterer know your plans about the meals and the number of people to serve and also what you intend to serve vendors and guests.
You should have one bartender for every 50 guests to avoid long lines and waits. If you intend to serve a special cocktail then you should add a designated server or servers for that task.
7. Get Organizationally Focused
During the period of planning your wedding, your vendors should be your trusted experts on details such as the amount of snack needed, first course, theme, bridal photo session, colors, flowers etc. They would advise you on the best deals for you want and your budget.
It is advised that you keep a wedding journal or date book where you write down phone numbers, meeting notes and correspondence with vendors. This journal would also contain personal notes or reminders you have made to discuss with your vendors and also other wedding to-do lists. You could also create a wedding email to keep things more organized and easy.
8. Leave Room in Your Wallet
You should save a small percentage of money for surprise and unforeseen expenses.
9. Learn About Marriage Licenses & Where You Will Be Married
You can ask, investigate, find out and confirm your state’s license requirements and the periods licenses are issued.
Find out about restrictions at the house of worship or site where you will be married. Some houses of worships do not allow, bare shoulders, flash photography and in some rare cases confetti.

10. Anticipate Rejection
Keep in mind that it is a possibility that about 30 percent of the people you invited will not attend. This might depend on the location of your wedding, timing of the wedding, guests’ summer or holiday plans and a number of other factors which could be personal or related to the event. Destination weddings can be hard to attend too. On the other hand, everyone could accept too but it’s never wrong to anticipate any possibility.
11. Shop with Someone Stylish
Go dresses shopping with you mum, sister(s) or friend(s) if they have an eye for detail and have a great sense of style. Taking someone with great style on your shopping trip would help in choosing a dress that looks best and you get an honest opinion.

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